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Influence Arrow Rest

NEW Product

Influence Arrow Rest

Influence arrow rest from Bodoodle will be that last arrow rest you will ever need. Target archers and avid hunters from all over the world can use this rest for either specialty. You can use it as a fixed blade launcher or as a drop away. The Influence Arrow rest is quick detachable from a mounting bracket that allows you to take off, store it away for travel, and put back in the exact same place every time.

Quick detachable, micro adjust, slots for torque tuning, fixed blade or a drop away, full arrow containment option, adjust angle of launcher and can convert to a deluxe kit with Influence Long Bar Kit #INF-LBK

Stealth Rig Lite

New in Stock.

StealthRig Lite with Magnet Quick Release

The StealthRig’s patented technology is a revolutionary new way to carry your bow. The StealthRig allows the person to be hands free with easy access to their bow. Specialty offers all StealthRig product lines. 

X Focus

In Stock.

365AD Achromat Doublet

A Doublet (or Achromat) is 2 lenses of dissimilar material fused together to form
one lens. The function of each lens on its own is to magnify the target in its own way, but to also control the light so that it does not separate into its component color bands much like a prism would or much like a standard singlet style archery lens would.


Blackout Rings Now Available

Versa² & Versa³ Scope Kit In Black

Black rings now available. 


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