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Center drilling for fiber optic for X-Focus 365 Lenses Available in .020″, .030″ & .040″ hole sizes Includes 2″ of Green Fiber and 2″ of Red Fiber NOTE: Please allow 5-10 business days for drill service. NOTE: Drilled lenses are non-returnable.


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  • 1.750″ is the maximum diameter we can make.

  • This item will ship 5-10 business days from the order date.

  • Designed for the elite level competitive archer who will not compromise performance on a single piece of their equipment. An Achromat Doublet Lens (Doublet) is 2 lenses of dissimilar material fused together to form one lens. The function of each lens on its own is to magnify the target in its own way, but to also control the light so that it does not separate into its component color bands much like a prism would or much like a standard singlet style archery lens would. As light passes through the 1st material and starts to disperse, it gets magnified. It then travels through the 2nd material where it is color corrected. This brings the points of light back into 1 image. There will be 1 focal point instead of a series of focal points.
  • On a target, there will now be a crisp delineation between the red, yellow, and blue ring instead of a fuzzy delineation
  • When at 50 meters, you will be able to see the 12-ring. You can actually see arrow holes!
  • On a FITA target, you will easily see the yellow ring, and it will be crisp.
  • For 3D targets, the fuzz around the body lines or trees behind the target will now be crisp.
  • Hardened glass for superior durability.
  • Full anti-reflective coated optics featuring hydrophobic properties to shed and repel water.
  • Superior image quality, definition, and acuity, with precision color correction.
  • Similar technology designed using very sophisticated processes that are used in telescope and binocular production.
  • Specifically designed for tournament or hunting equipment for archery. This lens is 100% purpose engineered to outperform all other options in the archery industry today.
  • Available in 2x, 4x, 5x, 6x, 7x, & 8x powers, additional powers may be available in the future.
  • Scope Lens Compatibility
    • 1.125” lens fits 040-2 1 3/8”, DVK, and SK Scopes.
    • 1.345” fits 040-1 1 5/8”, Versa², 040-3, and 040-5 Scopes.
    • 1.750” fits 040-6, and Versa³ Scopes.
  • Custom Sizing and drilling available up to 1.750”, call Specialty Archery at 800-555-2856 to order!
  • NOTE: You will need to provide the lens size if it is not a Specialty Archery Scope. Check the manufacturer’s website or call the manufacturer if necessary.
  • NOTE: Custom sizes and drilled lenses are not returnable.

Optional Accessories:

      • 614_ Circles & Dots (Black, Orange, Yellow, or mixed) 36 Circles and 42 dots
      • 640 Lens Field Cleaning Kit
      • 641 Lens Brite Anti Fog Lens Cleaner
      • 642 Micro Fiber Lens Cloth
      • 616L Super Hood Large
      • 615SL Sun Shield – Large (Black)
      • 615RL Rain Shield – Small (Clear) or 615RL Rain Shield – Large (Clear)
      • LC3 Lens Caddy 3 – holds 3 lenses up to 1.750″ in diameter
      • LC6 Lens Caddy 6 – holds 6 lenses up to 1.750″ in diameter

Additional information

Weight .05 lbs
Dimensions 5.5 × 3.25 × 1.25 in
Lens Size

1.125" Specialty, 1.345" Specialty, 1.750" Specialty, Shrewd Scope, 30mm UV & Bow Finger, 41mm UVXL & AV-41, 35mm Bow Finger, 40mm Bow Finger, 25mm AV-25, AV-31, Other/ Custom size lens