PXL Hunter Peep Shade Cap


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The most advanced peep system in the archery industry, completely designed for ultimate accuracy.

  • Screws into target side of PXL Hunter Peep to reduce glare.
  • NOTE:
    • Fits into Specialty Archery PXL Hunter Peep ONLY. 
    • NOT compatible with other Specialty Archery peeps.
  • PXL Hunter Peep  and component weights:
    • PXL Hunter Peep – 30.5 grains
    • PXL Hunter Peep Capture Aperture – 7.5 grains
    • PXL Hunter Peep Clarifiers/Verifiers – 3.5 grains
    • PXL Hunter Peep Shade Cap – 3.0 grains
    • Peep weight effect on arrow velocity
  • Replacement or Optional Accessories:
    • #PXLH BLK PXL Hunter Peep.
    • #PXLHA__ Podium Peep Aperture 1/8″, 5/32″, 3/16″, or 1/4″.
    • #PXLHAKT PXL Hunter Peep Aperture Kit, contains all 3 Apertures.
    • #PXLHC_ PXL Hunter Peep Clarifier Lens.
    • #PXLHV_ PXL Hunter Peep Verifier.
    • #PXLHVK__ PXL Hunter EZ-View Verifier Kit with Verifier and Peep Guard.
    • #PXLHPS PXL Hunter Peep Shade Cap.
    • #PG1 BLK or RD Peep Guard Black or Red.
    • #PXLHCS PXL Hunter Peep Case – CASE ONLY.
    • #641 Lens Brite Anti Fog Lens Cleaner.
    • #642 Micro Fiber Lens Cloth.
    • #SA-CV Clarifier and Verifier Cleaning Vial (10ml).
    • #501 Lens Cleaning Swab (20/pkg).
    • #502 Lens Cleaning Swab (20/pkg).
    • #VC3 Threadmate Non-Traditional Threadlocker 5ml.
  • PXL Hunter Peep Shade Cap
  • See Dealer Locator on our home page for a dealer with a Aperture, Clarifier, or Verifier Tool near you, to help you select the inserts best suited to your needs.
  • Watch the peep tying video in the Videos section of the website for proper peep installation.
  • Additional information can be found in the FAQs  tab on our home page.

CAUTION: High powered bows create a great amount of vibration. This may loosen Verifiers, Clarifiers and Apertures over time. Tighten your Apertures before each use. If you hear a buzzing sound, this indicates a loose Aperture. You may use a drop of Vibra-Tite VC 3 (#VC3), Teflon tape, bow wax, or any other non-permanent binding agent on the threads.

Additional information

Weight .03 lbs
Dimensions 5.5 × 3.125 × .75 in

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