Double Vision Lens, 1.108″ dia.



  • Upgrade your single vision lens to the Double Vision Lens System!
  • Instead of aiming with a dot or pin, with the Double Vision Lens you simply look through the hole in the center of the tinted lens at where you want the arrow to go!
  • The Double Vision Lens is a negative-powered, drilled and tinted lens that is designed to work with a standard positive powered lens.
  •  Pairing two lenses together allows for any center spot power to be coupled with any other outside power.
    • For example, using a +6X lens with a -4X Double Vision lens would result in  a +6X center where the hole is located, and a +2X for the outer field of view that is tinted. Basically, take the positive power and subtract the negative power to determine the outer field of view power.
  • Double Vision Lenses available in the following color tints:
    • Amber, Blue, Smoke, and Red. Blue and Smoke are the most popular.
  • Double Vision lenses available with the following hole sizes: 
    • .250” (1/4″).
    • .312” (5/16″).
    • .375” (3/8″).
    • NOTE: Custom hole sizes also available for an additional $10.00. There is a 1-3 week wait on custom hole sizes.
      • Must call 800-555-2856 to order custom lens.
    • The 1.108” Double Vision Lens is compatible with the following Specialty Archery Scopes:
      • Specialty Archery Double Vision Scope Kits (#DVK42, #DVK44, #DVK62, #DVK64, #DVK66)
      • 1 3/8” (#040-2, #040-2BLK, and DVK) scope housings.
        • NOTE: An additional 1 3/8” Ring (#0416 1 3/8”) is required .
  • Optional Accessories:
    • 640 Lens Field Cleaning Kit
    • 641 Lens Brite Anti Fog Lens Cleaner
    • 642 Micro Fiber Lens Cloth
    • 616L Super Hood Large
    • 615SL Sun Shield – Large (Black)
    • 615RL Rain Shield – Small (Clear) or 615RL Rain Shield – Large (Clear)
    • LC3 Lens Caddy 3 – holds 3 lenses up to 1.750″ in diameter
    • LC6 Lens Caddy 6 – holds 6 lenses up to 1.750″ in diameter


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Double Vision 1 3/8" Scope Kit
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Additional information

Weight 0.04 lbs
Dimensions 5.5 × 3.25 × 1.25 in
Hole Size

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