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peep_shade_logo Peep Shade

Shade your Aperture, Clarifier or Verifier from glare!

Allows for easy removal of Apertures, Clarifiers & Verifiers

Peep Shade
  • The Peep Shade & Peep Shade Large reduce the chance of glare with Verifiers, Clarifiers & Apertures.
  • Easily insert & remove Verifiers, Clarifiers & Apertures.
  • Peep Shade Tool included to obtain a perfectly-formed Peep Shade.
  • Peep Shade will fit all standard Specialty Archery Peep Housings.
  • Peep Shade Large will fit Specialty Archery 1/4″ Large and Large Hooded Peep Housings.
  • Peep Shade and Peep Shade Large Replacement Tubing available.
peep_tube4-u67744 Peep Shade

Peep Shade Tool

The Specialty Archery Peep Shade Tool allows for perfect formation of the Peep Shade.

peep_shade_peep_on_tool-u67724 Peep Shade

Step 1

Place your Specialty Archery Peep onto the Peep Shade Tool as shown.

peep_shade_not_shrunk-u67739 Peep Shade

Step 2

Place the included shrink tube over the Peep & Peep Shade Tool as shown.

peep_shade_shrunk-u67729 Peep Shade

Step 3

Place in oven at 250° Fahrenheit for 5 minutes or shrink with a lighter.

peep_tube5-u67734 Peep Shade

Step 4

Tie in your peep per our peep instructions.

Peep Shade

Fits Specialty Archery Standard Peep Housings

Peep Shade Large

Fits Specialty Archery 1/4″ Large & Large Hooded Peep Housings
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