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Peep Shade

Shade your Aperture, Clarifier or Verifier from glare!

Allows for easy removal of Apertures, Clarifiers & Verifiers

Peep Shade
  • The Peep Shade & Peep Shade Large reduce the chance of glare with Verifiers, Clarifiers & Apertures.
  • Easily insert & remove Verifiers, Clarifiers & Apertures.
  • Peep Shade Tool included to obtain a perfectly-formed Peep Shade.
  • Peep Shade will fit all standard Specialty Archery Peep Housings.
  • Peep Shade Large will fit Specialty Archery 1/4″ Large and Large Hooded Peep Housings.
  • Peep Shade and Peep Shade Large Replacement Tubing available.
Peep Shade

Peep Shade Tool

The Specialty Archery Peep Shade Tool allows for perfect formation of the Peep Shade.

Peep Shade

Step 1

Place your Specialty Archery Peep onto the Peep Shade Tool as shown.

Peep Shade

Step 2

Place the included shrink tube over the Peep & Peep Shade Tool as shown.

Peep Shade

Step 3

Place in oven at 250° Fahrenheit for 5 minutes or shrink with a lighter.

Peep Shade

Step 4

Tie in your peep per our peep instructions.

Peep Shade Large

Fits Specialty Archery 1/4″ Large & Large Hooded Peep Housings
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