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Peep Aligners

Peep Aligners
SKU – Standard Size #PAS
SKU – Large Size #PAL

  • #PAS works with our standard Ultra Lite and Pro Series peep housings.
  • #PAL works with our Large peep housings.
  • Ensures proper peep alignment at full draw
  • Includes 16″ of Silicone Tubing (#753-6).
  • Note: Not Compatible with 5/16″ XL Peeps.
VC3 Threadmate

VC3 Vibra Tite

  • VC 3 Locks and seals threaded fasteners of virtually any size.
  • It utilizes a special blend of acrylic resins to prevent fasteners from loosening due to shock and vibration.
  • VC 3 Works well for many archery applications. It is adjustable, removable, reusable.
  • The product is Non-aerobic and non-adhesive. For internal or external threads.
  • The threadlocker works with metal, wood, plastic, and more. Temp Range: -65°F to +165°F
  • ***NOTE – Cannot be shipped USPS/US Mail Must be shipped UPS so additional shipping may be charged. NOT AVAILABLE FOR INTERNATIONAL ORDERS
  • NET 5 mL Tube.
Dual Aperture Wrench

Dual Aperture Wrench
SKU #210078

  • Dual Aperture Wrench for removing Apertures, Clarifiers, and Verifiers from Super Ball Peeps.
  • One side is for the 1/8 Apertures, and the opposing side is for the Large Clarifiers and Verifiers.

Clarifier & Verifier Cleaning Vial

Peep Reducer

Peep Reducer
SKU #753-3

  • Allows Specialty Archery Large Peep to accept 1/8″ and smaller Verifiers, Clarifiers & Apertures.
Peep Accessories

Lens Cleaning Swab (pkg of 20)
SKU #501

  • Lens Cleaning Swab for cleaning Verifier and Clarifier lenses.
  • Use a drop of Specialty Archery Lens Brite Anti-fog Lens Cleaner (#641) and the Lens Cleaning Swab (#501) to clean dirt and grime off your Verifier or Clarifier lenses.
  • Package of 20.
Silicone Tubing

Silicone Tubing
SKU #753-6

  • Black Silicone alignment tubing 16 inches for use with 750PS and 753LH Super Hunter Peep Kits.
  • Replacement tubing for PAL and PAS Peep Aligner.
Peep Guard

Peep Guard

  • The Specialty Archery Peep Guard protects your Clarifier or Verifier lens from dust and debris.
  • Also keeps rain and moisture away from your Clarifier or Verifier lens.
  • Easy installation and removal.
  • Available in Black or Red.
Storage Case

Storage Case
SKU #210000

  • Handy storage case for Apertures, Clarifiers, Verifiers & Dual Aperture Wrench.
Peep Accessories

Premium Lens Cleaning Swabs
SKU #502

  • Premium Lens Cleaning Swabs offer improved Clarifier and Verifier cleaning than our current model Lens Cleaning Swabs.
  • 15 per pack.
210079 Wrench

5/16″ XL Wrench
SKU #210079

  • Wrench for removing 5/16″ Verifiers from 5/16″ Peep.
Lens Brite

Lens Brite
SKU #641

  • Lens Brite Anti Fog Lens Cleaner both cleans lenses and helps prevent fogging.
  • Safe for all lenses.
  • Can be used to clean scope lenses, binoculars, spotting scopes, Clarifiers or Verifiers.
  • For Clarifiers and Verifiers, we suggest using a Lens Cleaning Swab (#501) with the Lens Brite Anti Fog Lens Cleaner.
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