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Timber Rattler II

Timber Rattler II
Timber Rattler II

Right Hand SKU #TR2-RH-BLK
Left Hand SKU #TR2-LH-BLK

  • Bodoodle’s Timber Rattler II arrow rest is perfect for competition target and 3-D shooting.
  • This rest has the same great features as the original Timber Rattler, with an added adjustable launcher angle for fine tuning!
  • The stainless steel lizard tongue is available with standard .010 lizard tongue for perfect support of the arrow and includes built in vibration dampener (optional .008 and .012 lizard tongues available).
  • The Timber Rattler II arrow rest will mount on any compound bow and will accommodate all arrow sizes and materials.
  • The Timber Rattler compensates for all the forces exerted on an arrow when it is launched and speeds the arrow on its way without interference of any kind.
  • The Timber Rattler features easy set-up, laser etched scale for easy wind and elevation adjustments, an all aluminum 6061 frame with classic Bodoodle design to protect your lizard tongue, and of course is made of quality materials on all components and parts.
  • Please specify left or right handed.
  • Available in black. Weighs 3.2 ounces.

Timber Rattler II Accessories

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