Versa³ Scope Kit



  • Kits are available for both the Versa² & Versa³ scopes.
  • Versa³ Kit Includes:
    • 1 – Versa³ Scope, 2 Lens Clamps and 2 Black or Red Clamp Rings.
      • The Specialty Archery Versa² Target and Versa³ 3D scopes are the most advanced
        and versatile scope systems on the market!
      • Innovative knurled Black or Red Clamp Ring attachment system allows for attachment of a
        wide variety of different scope accessories to scope.
      • The Versa³ 3D scope is easily converted to either RH or LH use.
      • The larger diameter Versa³ 3D works with the Specialty Archery 1.750”
        diameter lens, and is best suited for 3D shooting, or for archers who prefer a larger
        diameter field of view.
      • Works with the Double Vision Lens System (1.750” lens).
      • Works with the 007 Super 7 Bright Sight!
        • Super 7 Bright Sight UV Cable compatibility!
      • The Versa² and Versa³ scopes attach using a standard 10/32 scope mounting rod, which is compatible with nearly all sights in the archery industry.
    • Scope Shades
      • Put a Full or Half shade on front or back of the scope, or one on each side.
        • Shades reduce glare on bright days or with harsh indoor lighting conditions.
          • 1 – Scope Shade Full
          • 1 – Scope Shade Half
  • Alignment tabs on Scope Shades insert into notches in Versa² & Versa³ Scope bodies preventing Scope Shades from rotating.
  • Optional or Replacement Parts
    • V3RFR0_0 Versa³  Rheostat Fiber Ring – includes Fiber ring, Rheostat cover, and 18″ of Red, Green, and Blue fiber .010″, .020″, or .030″.#V3GP0_0 Versa³ Glow Pin .010″, .020″, or .030″– includes Red, Green and Blue fiber .010″, .020″, or .030″″.
    • #GF18-0_0 .0_0 Glow Fiber for Glow Pins, 18″ pieces .010″, .020″, or .030″. Comes with 1 green, 1 red, 1 blue.
    • #V3007GR LH or RH .010″, .020″, or .030″ Versa³ 007 Glow Ring LH .010″, .020″, or .030″.
    • #V3007UVKT Versa³ 007 Complete Kit – includes 007, 007 UV Cable, and 007 UV Half Shade Mount.
    • #V3007UVHS Versa³ 007 UV Half Shade Mount.
    • #V3SD_ Versa³Scope Ring Decals Chartreuse, Green, or Orange.
    • #V3CR Versa³ Red Clamp Ring, machined aluminum ring, holds Versa³Lens Clamp and lens in place.
    • #V3CRBLK Versa³ Black Clamp Ring, machined aluminum ring, holds Versa³Lens Clamp and lens in place.
    • #V3BLOCK Versa³ Scope Blocker.
    • #V3GP0__ Versa³ Glow Pin .010″, .020″, or .030″ – includes Red, Green, and Blue fiber.
    • #V3LC Versa³ Lens Clamp – black 3D printed ring/spacer, holds lens in place.
    • #V3SSF Versa³ Scope Shade – Full.
    • #V3SSH Versa³ Scope Shade – Half.
    • 637B Blue Level, 637R Red Level, or 637Y Yellow Level.
    • #602 10-32 Rod (Stainless) For Versa³ and Versa³ Scopes.
    • #616L Super Hood Large fits he Versa³ with shades or accessories installed.

Additional information

Weight .3 lbs
Dimensions 6.5 × 4.75 × 2 in


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