Glow Ring for Pro Series Scope (040-3)


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  • Specialty Archery’s Glow Ring (#GR) has easily replaceable fiber and an easily replaceable Glow Pin (#GP), allowing the archer to customize both fiber color and pin diameter.
  • Each Glow Ring includes 8” of red, green, and blue fiber optic.  Fiber colors are easily interchangeable without the use of tools.
  • Glow Rings also have interchangeable Glow Pins, allowing the archer to change pin size without the need to purchase an additional Glow Ring.
  • Available in .010”, .020”, or .030” diameter.
  • Clear fiber shroud allows maximum light transmission to the fiber, allowing for maximum pin brightness.
  • Fiber optic is fully enclosed within the Glow Pin and shroud, protecting the fiber from damage in the field.
  • NOTE: Glow Rings are scope model-specific:
    • #GR1 used for 1 5/8″ (#040-1) scopes
    • #GR2 used for 1 3/8″ (#040-2) scopes
    • #GR3 used for Pro Series (#040-3) scopes
    • #GR4 used for Pro Series XL (#040-4) scopes
    • #GRD used for Super D scopes (#1011)

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