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How to Tie in a Peep Sight Properly  

What is a Peep Sight?

The peep sight is a small circular device that sits on the bowstring. Similar to a rifle, you can optionally add a peep sight to a bow to help gain consistent anchor points when shooting. The peep sight needs two reference points for you to line up your bow sight, your target sight, and your peep sight. When you draw the bow, align your sights, and your target should be parallel to the direction of the arrow.

A peep sight is a very helpful tool for anyone looking to gain consistency each time you aim. You can even limit your distractions, since a peep sight will narrow your field of view, but you’ll have to be mindful in lower light situations. It is such a simple accessory that has a large impact. Any budding or experienced archer can use a peep sight to improve aim and make shooting easier.

Why a Secure Peep Sight Matters

Nothing would be worse than harming yourself or others after the string fails. Not to mention the annoyance of having to find and retrieve your peep sight when it comes flying off the string. Tying the peep sight the right way will not only prevent the sight from moving around while you shoot, but also keep you and others around you safe.

Failing to take the time to secure your peep sight can result in someone getting hurt, or losing time and money having to hunt down your peep sights when they go missing. Therefore, you should never underestimate the importance of learning the proper way of tying a peep sight. And luckily, this is a process that simply takes a minute of your time to do it right.

How to Tie in a Peep Sight

We at Specialty Archery are proud to be made up of a team of archery enthusiasts who happen to know their stuff. When we’re securing a peep sight, we recommend tying your peep sight using either a constrictor hitch knot or a clove hitch knot. We like this method because it only takes about a minute and assures you can stay safe in the event of a string or limb breaking. These knots are preferable due to them being self-tightening and are nearly impossible to loosen without cutting them off entirely.

Once you determine the optimal peep height, you can install the peep sight and secure it onto the bowstring. For some guidance, you can follow our step-by-step guide below detailing how to correctly tie your peep sight so it remains secure and safe. You can also view our instructional video of the process where we include a large-scale demonstration for beginners.

How to Tie a Clove Hitch Knot

1. Start out with about a 14 to 16-inch piece of serving.

2. Loop the serving around the center perimeter groove and cross up over the first loop and pull back through underneath the first loop. Before pulling taught, make sure it is fully seated in the perimeter groove since it will be difficult to undo the knot once tightened.

3. Loop down with a half hitch loop on the top and bottom bundles.

4. Repeat the process on the other side.

5. Once everything is tight, trim both ends of the serving to about a quarter of an inch and melt the ends, taking care not to damage the bowstring.

How to Tie a Constrictor Hitch Knot

1. Start with a 14 to 16 inch piece of serving.

2. Similar to the clove hitch knot, loop over the top of the peep housing and loop again around the top of the first loop. Then go back over the first bundle and back through underneath the first two loops.

3. Guide the loops so they are seated on the perimeter groove of the peep sight.

4. Finish by tying a half hitch knot on the top and bottom on both sides of the peep sight.

5. Once again, trim both sides of the serving to a quarter of an inch and melt the ends while minding the bowstring.

Whichever knot you choose, we recommend tying it around the center circumference of the peep so it keeps the peep on the string if a limb or string breaks.

And now you should have a safely snug peep sight installed on your bow. Congrats! Learning to properly tie a peep sight is an incredibly crucial skill for any bow user. If you ever run into trouble, you can contact us or find a local professional or archery supply store to help you complete the knot. Keep working on your knots and, eventually, you’ll become a master yourself.

Where to Get Your Gear

To find some of the gear mentioned above and more, make sure to check out all our products at Specialty Archery. Browse our selection of peep sights and peep accessories if you’re ready to really start working on your aim. Peep sights are something we do best. We carry multiple different sized peeps and accessories to protect your peep sight even further than a proper knot, like peep guards.

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We are all experienced with bows here and know what bow users need. If you’re not sure what you need to get started with archery, or what gear you need for a competition, reach out to us today! We’re constantly refreshing ourselves with what’s new in the market, leading us to create innovative products with insightful design.

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