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Specialty Archery Pro Press

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  • The Specialty Archery Pro Press (U.S. Pat. No. 8,505,523 B1) was designed to be the safest and most user-friendly bow press on the market today.
  • The Pro Press Mapping Worksheet allows the bow press settings to be quickly and easily duplicated.
  • Safely presses most bows or crossbows on the market today, while putting minimum stress on the bow’s components.
    • Refer to your bow’s owner’s manual before placing your bow in any press.
  • Limb Ears rotate on a splined shaft, and can be easily adjusted inward and outward to fit any limb configuration.
  • Limb Ear Tabs are spring loaded to prevent damage to the limbs if accidentally placed under a limb during pressing.
  • Limb Safety Clips and the Split Limb Safety Clips prevent the bow from being forced downwards out of the press when pressure is applied to the limbs during pressing by firmly securing the bow in the press.
    • NOTE: the Split Limb Safety Clips work only on bows with spit limbs, and are not compatible with bows that have a suppressor mount between the limbs (several Hoyt models).
  • Limb Safety Straps prevent the bow from being forced downward out of the bow press when pressing past-parallel limb bows.
  • Limb Slider Safety Pins prevent the limb slider from being forced upwards on the swing arm when pressing radical past-parallel limb bows.
  • We recommend purchasing additional items below, as they wear out over time.
    • PRP-PP or PRP-EP
      • Poly Limb Ear Pads (PRP-PP) are a tougher Teflon material, and the bow limbs tend to slide on these.
      • Rubber Limb Ear Pads (PRP-EP) are tackier, and the limbs do not slide on these quite as easily.  They are also not quite as tough as the PRP-PP.
    • PRP-ORB Pro Press Bow Silicone O-Ring Band With Rope Qty 1
  • Replacement and Optional Parts:
    • PRP-PD o Press Pro Draw.
    • PRP-ST Pro Press Stand.
    • PRP-TR Pro Press Tray.
    • PRP-SC110 Pro Press 110# Scale with tape measure.
    • PRP-CH Crank Handle Pro Press/Pro Draw.
    • PRP-DS Pro Draw Stand.
    • PRP-ELU Pro Press Ear Limb Upgrade.
    • PRP-EP Pro Press Limb Ear Pads Gray (4/pkg).
    • PRP-ORB Pro Press Bow Silicone O-Ring Band With Rope Qty 1.
    • PRP-PD-AC Pro Draw AmSteel Cable Replacement.
    • PRP-SS Pro Press Bow Safety Straps (Qty 2).


  • The Pro Press and related accessories are also available in a package, and offer a 5% discount off normal pricing of all accessories. Package includes the Pro Press, Pro Draw, Stand, Trays, and the Scale.
  • You must call Specialty Archery at 800-555-2856 or e-mail for dealer pricing and to order this item. Business tax number necessary for dealer pricing.

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Weight 74 lbs
Dimensions 47 × 13 × 11 in


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