Bodoodle Zapper 400X



  • The popular Zapper 300 and Zapper 400 have been redesigned with an improved mounting and adjustment system – the Zapper X Bracket!
  • The redesigned Zapper now has independent vertical and horizontal adjustment!
  • The Zapper 400 features top loading convenience and full containment of the arrow shaft for the perfect bow hunting rest.
  • The rest delivers unconditional value and excellent performance in any bow-hunting situation.
  • Easy to tune for any size arrow.
  • Arrows zip silently through the unique adjustable stainless-steel Speed Fins on silencing tape (4 strips included) with increased speed and no damage to the fletching.
  • The rest cradles and supports the arrow shaft as well as hold the arrow securely in place so that no matter what conditions of terrain or weather, no matter what the angle of the shot, you have perfect arrow support from the instant of release to the second your arrow clears the bow.
  • The Zapper 400 has 2 support fins and 2 bottom fins, and is for arrows weighing over 550 grains.
  • All Bodoodle rest components are made of 6061 aluminum and quality materials.
  • Available in Black (BLK) and Camo (CA)
  • Weighs 2.4 ounces.
  • Replacement Parts and Optional Accessories:
    • SQT-012 Smoke Quiet Tape Strips 12 pk.
    • ZRF-415 Zapper 400 Replacement Fins 0.015 (4 fins) with 4 Smoke Quiet Tape Strips. Recommended for arrows under 550 grains.
    • ZRF-423 Zapper 400 Replacement Fins 0.023 (4 fins) with 4 Smoke Quiet Tape Strips. Recommended for arrows over 550 grains.


Additional information

Weight 0.27 lbs
Dimensions 9.25 × 5.5 × 1.875 in





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