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Note:  Apertures, Clarifiers and Verifiers are permanently installed in Dealer Tools.
Clarifier Tool

Aperture Tool
SKU #719-746

  • Aperture Tool, has all 5 Aperture hole sizes.
  • For selecting the correct Aperture size.
Misc Archery Supplies

Clarifier Tool
SKU #746-123

  • Clarifier Tool, has all 5 Clarifier powers installed.
  • For selecting the correct Clarifier power.
Misc Archery Supplies

Verifier Tool
SKU #753-20

  • Verifier Tool, has all 6 Verifier powers installed.
  • For selecting the correct Verifier power.


VC3 Threadmate

Vibra-Tite VC3 Threadmate

  • Specifically designed to prevent threaded fasteners from loosening due to shock and vibration.
  • Works well for many archery applications.
  • Not an adhesive or thread locker – parts are still removable and adjustable.
  • Works for threaded fasteners of virtually any size.
  • For internal or external threads.
  • Works with metal, wood, plastic, and more. Temp Range: -65°F to +165°F
  • ***NOTE – Cannot be shipped USPS/US Mail Must be shipped UPS so additional shipping may be charged. NOT AVAILABLE FOR INTERNATIONAL ORDERS
  • NET 5 mL Tube.
Core Archery by Larry Wise

Core Archery by Larry Wise
SKU #01-100

  • Larry Wise is one of the top archery coaches in the world.
  • Learn tips and tricks that will help target ad bowhunters alike.
  • Backtension
  • Improve aiming
  • Many other accuracy-improving subjects.

Clarifier & Verifier Cleaning Vial

  • Provides a handy way to clean Clarifier and Verifier lenses.
  • Simply put a few drops of Specialty Archery’s Lens Brite Anti-Fog Lens Cleaner (#641) into the vial with a Verifier or Clarifier, agitate, and let dry.
  • Works for all Specialty Archery Clarifiers & Verifiers.
Paper Tuner

Paper Tuner
SKU #031

  • Allows for fine tuning of arrow flight.
  • Results in a more forgiving bow and improved broadhead flight.
  • No pro shop is complete without one!
  • Includes a complete set of instructions to assist with proper bow tuning.
Paper Roll - Small

Paper Roll – Small
SKU #031PS

  • Small Paper Roll for Paper Tuner (#031)
  • Paper is 12″ wide by 180′ long.
Paper Roll - Large

Paper Roll – Large
SKU #031PL

  • Large Paper Roll for Paper Tuner (#031)
  • Paper is 12″ wide by 1000′ long.
Misc Archery Supplies

Lens Cleaning Swab (pkg of 20)
SKU #501

  • Great for cleaning Verifier and Clarifier lenses.
Misc Archery Supplies

Premium Lens Cleaning Swabs (pkg of 15)
SKU #502

  • Premium Lens Cleaning Swabs offer improved Clarifier and Verifier cleaning than our current model Lens Cleaning Swabs.
  • 15 per pack.
Specialty Archery Decal

Specialty Archery Decal
SKU #2708

  • 2.5″ diameter decal.
Specialty Archery Patch

Specialty Archery Patch
SKU #2708

  • Specialty Archery logo iron on patch.
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