Bodoodle Pro Lite Left Handed

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The Pro Lite Left Handed Arrow Rest compensates for all the forces exerted on an arrow at launch and speeds the arrow on its way without interference of any kind. The Pro Lite has adjustable windage and elevation for perfect arrow flight in seconds. The rest features a zero play frictionless yoke assembly and jewel-like bearings for extremely quiet and worry-free shooting. It will mount on any compound bow and will accommodate all arrow sizes and materials. The rest prongs are well protected from snags and falls. The rest is lightweight at 3.5 ounces. The Pro Lite comes standard with 2 stainless steel .015 thickness Speed Fins. Also available are optional .023 thickness Speed Fins (for heavier arrows) or .015 and .023 thickness Hunter Fins. Included are 4 strips of silencing tape to ensure a quiet draw when hunting. All Bodoodle rest components are made of 6061 aluminum and high-quality materials.
Available in black (BLK), camo (CA), silver (SL), black with silver splash (BS). Please order Left (LH) or Right (RH) handed (Pictures shown are Right Handed Rests)

NOTE: Colors other than Black are whiles supplies last only. We will contact you if the color you ordered is no longer available. You may change the color to black at that time or cancel the order.

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